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The Crew

We're a group of friends growing the finest microgreens in Colorado. Based in Bennett, we produce a variety of organically-grown microgreens year-round in our sustainable greenhouse. We're on a mission to nourish our communities by cultivating clean nutrient-abundant food with a minimal environmental footprint. We strive to be kind and transparent and are passionate about good food, sustainable farming, and community engagement. 

Casey, Dave, Chris, and Roberto

Our Story

While a graduate student at MIT, health issues and personal challenges led me to take leave from school and move to Colorado to regroup. I eventually landed a job at a gardening company with some friends. We became excited about cultivating community through growing organic food and started planting microgreens.

The more we grew, the more we ate; the more we ate, the better we felt! My health improved dramatically—even my outlook and mood shifted. I was finally experiencing the kind of renewal I had been seeking.   

We took a big leap of faith and joined our first farmers' market in June 2017. Our message resonated and we were soon participating in more farmers' markets, leading workshops, and supplying grocery stores and restaurants. Ever grateful for the love and support of our customers, friends, family, and community, we're excited to keep expanding, spreading our message, and sharing our harvest!

 - Roberto Meza, Co-founder 



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Core Varieties
Other microgreen varieties: amaranth, mizuna, arugula, basil, rainbow chard, carrots, etc. Interested? Hit us up!


Let's Talk
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