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Our Story

While a grad student at MIT, health and personal challenges led me to leave school. I moved to Colorado when Dave, a childhood friend, pitched it as the ideal place to regroup. After landing a landscaping job, I envisioned cultivating communities by increasing access to delicious fresh food; inspired, I started planting microgreens.

The more micros I grew, the more of them I ate; the more I ate, the better I felt! My health improved dramatically—even my outlook and mood shifted. I finally experienced the renewal I had been seeking. 

With Dave as co-founder, we took a huge leap of faith and established Emerald Gardens Microgreens in 2017. Our mission to invigorate lives and transform communities through fresh food resonated and we developed a loyal following. Ever grateful to live our passion, we're eager to keep expanding and sharing our harvest.

Delivery from our farm is free to your Denver/Boulder-area doorstep—we can't wait for you to try our tasty microgreens! 

- Roberto Meza, Founder


Our Goal

We're young farmers passionate about sustainability and committed to harvesting the finest organically-grown microgreens using passive solar energy. Friends since middle school, we—Dave Demerling and Roberto Meza—established Emerald Gardens in Bennett, Colorado, with a mission to cultivate, engage, and transform communities throughout the Denver/Boulder area with year-round access to delicious and nutritious microgreens.

This is our dream and labor of love. 

Dave and Roberto


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Want delicious recipes and tips on living your best & healthiest life?

We only send good stuff and never too often, we promise.